Sculptured nails from "A" to "Z". Acrylic technology.

Viktoriia Klopotova Professional Nail School | 29/04/2019
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If you want to quickly learn the perfect technique of sculptured nails in acrylic technology - this course is for you. After completing the course, you will have knowledge on how to properly prepare natural nails for modeling, how to quickly and correctly fit the form, learn the technique of applying the product for one tone and French sculptured, and learn how to create high-quality, thin, natural looking artificial nails using acrylic polymer. You will learn all the secrets of creating a solid architecture, as well as the chemistry of products - how to make acrylic "listen" to you. This course will cover the subject of the nail one tone and from classic to avant-garde in the style of French manicure, as well as learning the correct and fast technique of filing, and the nuances of completing work with acrylic technology. At the end of the course, you can easily sculpture perfect nails in different forms: square, almond, stiletto, pipe, edge, bridget, butterfly. Only here, on this course "Sculptured nails from "A" to "Z". Acrylic technology", you will acquire a huge store of knowledge that will help to make your life better now! Start your training! Be a successful nail stylist!

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